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Captain Of The Tailgate: Bring Out The Food

As you can obviously tell this post is an ad campaign for Captain Morgan's, but SB Nation needs to keep the lights on (and the servers running) so we need to take a slight detour from Packers football from time-to-time.

Unfortunately I'm a tailgate wannabe. When left to my own devices, I'll bring a hibachi (in later years it's been a Smokey Joe), something to grill (brats are always a good choice but I'll go for weisswurst, when available), and something to drink (usually a good 12 oz. microbrew).

The last time we grilled out, a friend introduced me to mexican street corn (not the exact recipe). He put it on the grill, but he wouldn't tell anyone what it was because he wanted it to be a surprise. Maybe he'd never seen us eat anything other than brats and chips, so he wasn't sure we'd do it. It was great.

The last part of the ad campaign is a video of Marisa Miller swordfighting in an open shirt. I've got no idea who the guy in the pirate costume is, but it appears he's trying to become the next Bruce Campbell.