4 downs on Moss deal

First down.....this is a good deal for the Vikings clearly they were in need of a number one wide out and Randy Moss is it...You can't go wrong only giving a 3rd for him. However being that they only gave up a 3rd for him that got me thinking.........

Was there only one team interested in Randy Moss services?? I mean with as crafty as the Pats management is don't you think if there was a bidding war for Mr. Moss they would have gotten more for him. (see Matt Cassel deal) How many team SHOULD have been all over this deal getting a top flight wide out for only a 3rd rounder?

Second down......What do the Patriots know that we don't know about Randy Moss? They clearly have the players to make another superbowl run. Why would you jettison a Pro-Bowl wide out for a 3rd rounder? It can't be solely because his contract is up this year can it? So that got me looking at the numbers.

Third down.......Randy Moss has played four games this year and has only 139 yards this means if same pace holds true he will end up with 556 yard this year making it one of his worst ever.

Fourth down....If it was not a production issue How big of a cancer is this guy in the locker room?? I mean if the Pats gave him away for a 3rd and only one team was interested what do all 31 teams in the NFL know about this guy that we don't??

Bottom line that this is STILL A GREAT DEAL for the Vikings however......this trade raises more questions than answers in my mind.

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