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NFL Network Reports: Vikings Release Randy Moss

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TrevorR has already started a Fan Post, and that comment thread is awesome. But some updates seem in order on the news first reported by Michael Lombardi that the Vikings have released WR Randy Moss. Since the first thread has almost 300 comments, we needed a new place for comments anyway. However, our old friend Greg Bedard tweets that this is not a done deal.

Looking back, the Vikings are 1-3 since they traded for Moss, and he hasn't been the difference maker that they expected. Anyone who's read about him for years, except obviously Brad Childress, would know that he's eventually worn out his welcome at every stop, but his release seems to stem from his post-game rant to reporters. Over at ESPN, Kevin Seifert discusses the other players who have faced Childress' wrath after speaking out in public. Jason Cole wrote months ago that Brad Childress has surrounded himself with yes-men, and Moss is obviously not playing along. After catering to QB Brett Favre's every moment of indecision, and making the ill-advised trade in the first place, Childress has now decided "that Moss' actions were not the way things were done around the Vikings organization." As much as this was inevitable, this is more of a reflection on Childress then Moss.

The title over at Daily Norseman pretty well sums it up: "Vikings Wave Goodbye To Moss, Apparently the 2010 Season." Christopher Gates adds in an earlier post "Honestly, does anyone have any idea what in the hell this franchise is doing any more?" Well, it's a good thing they didn't give him a contract extension.

Will the Packers claim Moss? As much as the Packers could really use another receiver they don't need the other baggage Moss brings to his new team. In 2007, GM Ted Thompson showed an extreme reluctance to trade for Moss and I don't see why he's changed his mind. Judd Zulgad tweets that the Dolphins and Seahawks appear to be his most likely destinations. But that's an awful big contract to pick up. He wasn't on the Monday waiver wire, but if he really is released then I wouldn't be surprised if no one claims him.