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Packers Game Ball Of The Week: Clay Matthews

As I'm writing this, Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews has run away from the field of eight in our latest poll with over 50% of the vote. There were a lot of great plays as they stomped the Cowboys 45-7, but his plays stood out amongst them all.

I'll let FS Nick Collins end the conversation. From Sports Radio Interviews:

"It’s hard to put words together to describe this guy. This guy plays with so much energy and so much passion, he’s like the Energizer Bunny. He just has a knack for the quarterback. He knows how to get there and knows how to make plays when they count the most. This guy is having one of the greatest seasons so far. This first half he’s my MVP throughout the whole league. (Host: Offense or defense?) It doesn’t matter."

vs DAL / 11.7.10 Tackles Sacks Interceptions
Solo Ast Total Sacks Yds Int Yds IntTD
Clay Matthews 3 1 4 1 8 1 62 1

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