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Al Harris Signs With Dolphins

After CB Al Harris cleared waivers, his agent confirmed that he signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins. It appears that Harris is slated to become the starter because the Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins released their starting CB Jason Allen to make room for Harris. They also reported that it's a homecoming for Harris (a Florida native) and he chose the Dolphins over the Vikings, Lions, and Texans

Those are a lot of teams that have shown confidence that Harris can still play, though the pickings are slim for any team looking at the waiver wire for cornerback help. I have absolutely no idea if he can still play because I haven't seen him play since he injured his knee last season. I had read (sorry, can't remember where) that he had been practicing with the first team defense over the past three weeks, and maybe that gave all those teams some extra confidence.

I'm not surprised the Vikings and Lions wanted Harris. They each have one more game to play against the Packers, so his knowledge of the defense sure couldn't hurt. Also, the Vikings have lost one veteran CB to injury this season while the Lions just released their former starter. Meanwhile Harris walks into a perfect situation that gives him a chance to show that he can still play. The Dolphins have been looking for a reliable starter across from CB Vontae Davis for months.

It's turning out to be a big week for the Dolphins. They released one starter (Allen) to make room for a new one in Harris. And it's been reported that QB Chad Henne has been benched in favor of QB Chad Pennington. That'll be something to watch: desperations moves by a losing team, or much needed changes to get them into the playoffs? I expect The Phinsider will have more on this throughout the week.