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Captain Of The Tailgate: Bring The RV

Last week I discussed booze for Captain of the Tailgate, but I'm moving onto something I've always wanted: a big tailgating RV. I'll never own one because I'm way too cheap, but I'm always fascinated by people that bring their house to the stadium. As much as I love the idea of an RV with an outdoor TV and party area (where's the grill in that picture people!) the idea of getting stuck as the designated driver sounds awful. I will not be behind the wheel for the post-game road trip. I've been very lucky because I've never had to drive home from a tailgate. I've either walked (mostly in college to campus area housing) or I'm falling asleep in the back (I fall asleep really easy in cars, especially after a drink or five). Can you camp out overnight in those RVs in the stadium parking lots?