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Monday Night Open Thread: Eagles at Redskins

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All the other subplots to QB Donovan McNabb's 2nd game against his old team were just blown out of the water when the Redskins gave the former Eagles QB a 5-year extension with $40 million guaranteed. Yes, that's not a typo. Didn't they just bench him against the Lions because he didn't know the offense and he was out of shape?

Everything that's wrong with the Redskins offense isn't his fault (i.e. mediocre receivers, poor pass blocking, practice squad starting RB) but even when he played with a much better offense last year in Philadelphia, he was somewhere between QB Carson Palmer and QB Chad Henne (ranked No. 16 by Football Outsiders). That's probably his ceiling at age 34. For perspective, $40 million is less than QB Tom Brady's new contract and similar to QB Aaron Rodgers's extension. What it means is that they're paying full price for past performance.

And the Eagles are favored by 3 if you care about that in-game stuff.