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Packer Notes: On Injuries, McCarthy On The Vikings, and They're Not Old Enough

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Did you know that the Vikings are one of the oldest team's in the NFL?
Did you know that the Vikings are one of the oldest team's in the NFL?

The Green Bay Packers were back at practice on Monday. According to the Press-Gazette, they were out in the cold and three players didn't practice: LB Clay Matthews, WR Donald Driver, and DE Ryan Pickett. Driver was excused for a personal matter, but he still has to come back from a quad injury. It's early in the week, so this doesn't mean much except I'm watching to see how Driver and Pickett are doing.

According to, they've just re-signed LB Robert Francois for (I believe) the third time this year. While he's been active in four games, this time he's headed for the practice squad. Is he getting sick of cleaning out his locker? Does he keep hanging out in Green Bay, or is he driving around the county like NT Howard Green in-between releases?

The Vikings sure looked awful last week. But that was on the road (where they still haven't won all season) and they play better in the Triple H dome. And they could have beaten the Packers a few weeks ago in Lambeau, which I expect the coaches will remind them of constantly. From Mike McCarthy:  "Well, they look … they’re a different team in my opinion on grass than they are on turf. I think playing up in the dome is a really big advantage for them with the crowd noise." 

According to the Press-Gazette, and the Journal-Sentinel, the Packers are an older team without CB Al Harris and RT Mark Tauscher. Which is a problem for some reason. Hey, I'm sympathetic because I know sports writers are always trying to find something to write about. It also gave Lori Nickel a chance to work in a "No Country For Old Men" jab. As a Coen brothers fan, I can certainly appreciate that movie reference while I wait for the True Grit remake to hit theaters. But back to the age thing, here's an age ranking from last July for a general idea. The old Steelers, Ravens, and Patriots are playing well (interesting that they're all AFC teams) while the Eagles and Giants are much younger and winning. Is there some reason why it would be better to have an older team?