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Bears Win 16-0, Packers Need To Win To Keep Up

The Bears played a good game and caught the Dolphins as they were missing several players due to injuries. According to the Phinsider, the Dolphins lost backup OL Cory Procter minutes into the game which left them scrambling on the offensive line. Then they lost WR Brandon Marshall in the second quarter with a hamstring injury.

But despite playing with an injured offensive line, a 3rd string QB, and without their top receiver, the Dolphins attempted over 40 passing plays and only 7 designed running plays. Without Marshall and down to QB Tyler Thigpen, I thought they'd do more with RB Ronnie Brown, but instead they did little. The Bears defense is good against the run, but they're good against the pass too. 

As for the Bears, nothing really surprised me. The defense was solid in the face of a messed up offense, and the offense was pretty good when they gave QB Jay Cutler time to throw. LB Cameron Wake was a factor (and drew at least two holding penalties), but their pass protection gave Cutler time when he needed it and they were very good on third down. 

Now they've got 10 days to rest and prepare for their next game. They look in good shape down the stretch as their toughest remaining games are at home (Eagles, Patriots, Jets) leading up to a possible division deciding showdown in Lambeau on January 2nd. Unfortunately for the Packers, the Bears aren't going away.