About the upcoming waivers

So I have read recently that Shawne Merriman quite possibly come down on waivers if he can pass his physical. With the recent development of Randy Moss the waivers market has become a huge story across the NFL news ticker. So with that I ask what is the opinion of Packer Nation if we could acquire Shawne Merriman whom I feel would assist us better by giving us a serious threat opposite Clay Matthews on our Defensive front. Granted he has had some issues as of late on the field with injuries and off the field with just his decision making but over all I feel he would a be a warranted risk to take. I really feel that he would accelerate the pass rush and take a lot of pressure off the big men up front as now they would have to not only address Clay on one side of the ball but Shawne on the other. Just wondering what the rest of the Packer Nation thinks???

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