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On Waivers: Randy Moss and Shawne Merriman

According to Pro Football Talk, WR Randy Moss is officially on waivers and they expect a "boatload" of teams to claim him. Apparently nearly every team is willing to absorb the remainder of his $6.4 million base salary at any given moment. Are the NFL owners really sure they're losing so much money that they need to lock out the players in 2011?

Oh, and Michael Silver reports that Moss is a jerk. Apparently Moss mouthed off at a Friday team meal. One player who witnessed the incident said that "he deserved to be cut after that." Really? It's obvious that a lot of trash is aired after a couple breaks up. If every NFL team released every jerk on their roster, the waiver wire would be pretty full.

We've got competing Fan Posts by StephanL and Packer-fan-atic 77 on the expected release of LB Shawne Merriman. The Charger fans who know him best think that he's done. He reminds me of DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila back in 2008, after knee surgery took away his speed off the edge (just a reminder, KGB was still a good situational pass rusher in 2007). It seems unlikely he'll return as the player he was a couple years ago.