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Greg Jennings: NFC Offensive Player Of The Week

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WR Greg Jennings was named NFC offensive player of the week for his three touchdown game against the Vikings. For some perspective, Jennings had four touchdown receptions total in 2009. He's had more passes thrown his way in recent weeks, and obviously it's been working out very well for him and the team.

It's easy for teams to say they'll take away Jennings with different coverage schemes. But the Packers are very aggressive at moving Jennings around in the formation. They even dusted off the five receiver package they used a lot back in 2007, though I really don't feel the need to see much of WR Brett Swain.

Also, QB Aaron Rodgers is very good at throwing to a spot where a covered receiver can catch it. One example is this touchdown pass to TE Jermichael Finley where the coverage is perfect and they completed the pass anyway. I expect to see big games from Jennings for the rest of the season.