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Fantasy Football: Project The Packers In Week 12

Brandon Jackson was not a fantasy star last week.
Brandon Jackson was not a fantasy star last week.

QB Aaron Rodgers. You better be starting him. Football Outsiders has the Falcons pass defense ranked about the same as the Vikings pass defense, and he torched the Vikings last week in a dome. 

WR Greg Jennings. It's just plain inexcusable if he's not starting, especially against a suspect pass defense. 

RB Brandon Jackson. The Packers had been threatening to use backup RB Dimitri Nance for weeks, and they finally unleashed him against the Vikings for a lousy 37 yards on 12 carries. Now neither Nance or Jackson have much fantasy value. Despite the newfound committee, Jackson still had 18 touches against the Vikings, and will give you some points, but I wouldn't put him ahead of Keiland Williams or Mike Goodson if you're desperately scanning the waiver wire.

WR James Jones. Based on last week, it appears that Jones is the other deep threat after Jennings. If you're looking for the best Packer receiving threat other than Jennings, go with Jones. Roto Arcade has him as the No. 44 wide receiver option, which sounds about right. With Rodgers playing well and the Falcons pass defense likely to be focused on Jennings, it'll be a hard call to sit him when the breakout potential is there. 

WR Donald Driver. In his first healthy game in a few weeks, Driver was targeted 7 times against the Vikings and came away with only 31 yards. However, they did look for him down in the red zone on a failed 3rd down conversion. Still, it's hard to recommend someone who hasn't a decent fantasy performance since the first Sunday in October. 

WR Jordy Nelson. He hasn't been ignored on offense, but it's only on short routes and he hasn't come anywhere near the end zone. As you'd suspect, he's a 4th wide receiver with almost zero fantasy value.

Packer tight end. Nope, nope, nope.

Packers defense. They've been great this year and LB Clay Matthews is sure to get after QB Matt Ryan a couple times. But the Falcons haven't turned the ball over much and Ryan's only been sacked 15 times. The score could be low, but the other fantasy points probably won't be there. This will probably be the defense's worst fantasy performance for the rest of the season.