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You Can't Spoof Brad Childress

With his former star wide receiver now property of the Tennessee Titans, Brad Childress was asked what the Vikings will do to replace Randy Moss. From ESPN:

Rice's looming return augurs some long-term optimism. But all you need to know about their short-term status came when Childress was asked how he would compensate for Moss' departure on the field. 

"We've got Hank Baskett," Childress said, referring to a player with six catches with three teams over the past three seasons. "We'll elevate his turns and get him in the mix." 

So they got that going for them. I'm sure the Cardinals will immediately start game planning for the reality TV star. You can't spoof Childress when he tells someone with a straight face he'll replace Moss with Baskett. However, he was probably lying because it's well documented that Childress has an inability to tell the truth

As the above quote mentions, WR Sidney Rice did return to practice, however WR Percy Harvin was held out of practice with an ankle injury. Based on the Packers experience with players returning from the PUP list, Rice won't return this week and they might give him as much as three weeks before he'll have to be moved to the active roster.