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Tramon Williams Signs Four-Year Contract Extension Through 2014

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The Journal-Sentinel reports that Green Bay Packers CB Tramon Williams has signed a four-year contract extension. Not bad for an undrafted free agent who was released by the Texans back in 2006. Though he's much better now than he was four years ago, he's even better now than he was last season.

The contract could be worth up to $41 million, but as with most recent Packer contracts it's front loaded ($14 million in 2010) as the Packers appear to be taking advantage of the current uncapped year. These contracts are only getting more confusing, as there is a distinction between performance vs. injury guarantees. For example, QB Donovan McNabb, according to J.I. Halsell, only received performance guarantees (i.e. they can cut him at any time) of $3.5 million in his recent contract extension, but a $34.75 million injury guarantee. I'm not pretending to know all the details of Williams's contract, but he'll be getting one big raise.

At a yearly average of $8.25 million, he's now the fourth highest paid player behind QB Aaron Rodgers, CB Charles Woodson, and WR Greg Jennings. I'll admit this contract gave me sticker shock. But I also knew it was going to cost a lot of money to keep him, and I want him to stay. The Packers haven't trapped themselves in a bad contract in a while, maybe never under GM Ted Thompson, so I'm also giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Was it worth it to keep Williams no matter the price? Or does it seem like Williams took a discount to stay with the Packers?