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Washington Post: The Dominant AFC

I've been writing lately about the apparent dominance of the AFC compared to the NFC. I took a closer look at this topic and explained why the AFC is better in 500 words or less for the Washington, but I did point out some green shoots in the NFC:

Despite the AFC's dominance, there are signs of life in the NFC. The Saints are hoping the return of Reggie Bush from injury can provide a boost to Drew Brees and their formerly dominant offense. The Packers have built through the draft like the Patriots and Colts, but injuries have held them back this season. The Falcons are built around young QB Matt Ryan who should only get better. The Rams and Lions had the top two picks in last April's draft, and while QB Sam Bradford has brought the Rams back to a .500 record, DT Ndamukong Suh has already become a dominant defensive player. That said, the NFC still has a ways to go.

The only great NFC team I didn't mention was the Giants. Their good, but they didn't fit into my formula because they build through the draft and overpay for free agents (see S Antrel Rolle). They're an interesting mix of philosophies that have come together to form a pretty good team.