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Packers Embarrass Cowboys And Wade Phillips Is Fired

Wade Phillips fired, according to Bill Jones of CBS-11 (via SB Nation). Phillips looked lost, and he was badly outcoached by Mike McCarthy, last night. It didn't help that the Green Bay Packers badly outplayed his players too. He didn't appear to make any adjustments during the game, and played a vanilla defense that QB Aaron Rodgers easily picked apart. Though it was probably even worse that QB David Garrard picked that same defense apart the week before.

A tweet from Doug Farrar had this same logic: since this season is lost anyway, they might as well promote Jason Garrett and learn that he "isn't the guy either." Their offense is a mess (QB Jon Kitna isn't very good, the receivers can't get open/can't hold onto the ball, and they can't block) and he can't fix it any better as the head coach. I'm not a fan of mid-season coaching changes, but that performance last night was just too embarrassing.

It also gives a clear indication that as well as the Packers played on Sunday night, the Cowboys were just as bad. At one point it was referred to as the "Tony Romo hangover" (I don't think it was meant as a tequila-type hangover), but maybe the players have just quit listening to their confused coaches. As Blogging The Boys said, Jerry Jones had to do something.