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Sam Shields Is The Kickoff Returner

When I saw this play on Sunday night, my first thought was it's CB Sam Shields and my second thought was don't fumble! From the play-by-play from

18-D.Buehler kicks 76 yards from DAL 30 to GB -6. 37-S.Shields pushed ob at GB 43 for 49 yards (18-D.Buehler).

Mike McCarthy confirmed on Monday that Shields is the kick returner going forward. It's a back to the future moment. When Shields was signed in April, I said that he could only make the team as a special teams return man. His lightning fast rise from undrafted college wide receiver to starting nickelback as a rookie is a remarkable story. But as good as he's been on defense, he was lousy as a kick returner in the preseason as he showed off the bad hands that made his coaches convert him from offense to defense. 

If the coaches think Shields is their best option on kick returns, I'll believe them. He's shown the ability in the past and CB Pat Lee (when healthy) and WR Jordy Nelson haven't done anything in the return game. But watch out for the turnovers.