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Packer Notes: Playoff Picture and Even More Injuries

Although the Green Bay Packers have played 11 games, it's still too early to look at the playoff picture. A lot of teams rise and fall in the final five weeks. Heck, some teams rise and fall in the final week. Kevin Seifert points out all you need to know: the Packers still control their own destiny. Win out, and they win the NFC North. reports that two more players have been placed on I.R. Both players had already been declared out for next week. The remaining question is what will the Packers do with the two available roster spots? Here's a look at the two players that are done for the year:

LB Brandon Chillar. I couldn't come up with a bad contract handed out by GM Ted Thompson, and shaftr suggested it's Chillar. I don't know if I agree, I'll want to see how he comes back next season, but there's no doubt that 2010 has been a lost season. He's barely played since he injured his shoulder in September (though originally it was just a strain), so I don't feel like their losing much at this point. While Chillar was never a starter, he was expected to replace LB A.J. Hawk on passing downs and take more snaps then him.

TE Spencer Havner. Apparently the Packers were set to re-sign Havner right after the Lions released him in October, but he was released by the Lions in the first place because he had an injured hamstring. They waited until he was healthy, but were only able to use him for one game before he re-injured his hamstring. The report at said he "suffered a hamstring injury" vs. the Falcons, but it would seem likely that this is the same one. They have TE Tom Crabtree and TE Donald Lee to replace him, but it might have been nice to see if he could have become a red zone option like he was last season.