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Giants at Vikings Game Postponed Until Monday

It's a Snowmaggedon and Snowmygawd, otherwise known as 22 inches of snow and a potential collapse of the Metrodome's roof. As a result, the Giants at Vikings game scheduled for Sunday at noon has been moved to Monday night. And it increases the chances that QB Brett Favre will be able to start.

Adam Schefter points out that this hurts the Giants (which might be good news for the Packers) as they'll have one less day to prepare for the Eagles, and it's bad news for the Packers because it gives the Vikings one less day to prepare for the Bears. So as far as the Packers are concerned, this news doesn't seem to make a big difference. Maybe a help since it effects the Giants more than it does the Vikings.

Of course I'm sure the Giants aren't thrilled about spending the night in Kansas City. Very Planes, Trains and Automobiles of them. Which member of the Giants is like Del Griffith?