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NFL Playoff Picture: It's Not Looking Good For The Packers

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Last week, if the Green Bay Packers wanted to win the NFC North, then they could win out and win the division. While both the Bears and the Packers lost on Sunday, it was another NFC divisional loss for the Packers. It was an ugly loss for the Bears, but losing to an AFC team didn't hurt their tiebreakers. Now they are one game behind the Bears overall (9-4 vs. 8-5), and two games behind in divisional games (4-0 vs. 3-2). Tom Silverstein has all the gory details

With no easy games remaining, and the status of QB Aaron Rodgers questionable, it's tough enough to focus on one game at a time. Now the Bears can almost lock up the NFC North with a win next week against the Vikings since they would have no more than one loss against the NFC North (and the Packers already have two). Otherwise the Packers would need a better overall record, which means the Bears have to lose two of their next three while the Packers win out.

The wild card always remains an option, but there is a lot of competition for those two spots, and the Packers are currently behind for both of them. The Giants have a tough road ahead, but the Saints keep winning and the Buccaneers won't go away. It's almost easier to see them winning the NFC North than winning a wild card spot.