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Packer Notes: The Offensive Line, The Quarterbacks, and The Hall of Fame

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Mike McCarthy admitted that the Green Bay Packers offensive line "lost the battle up front" against the Lions. Is it time to fire the offensive line coach? It's a hard thing to say without breaking down game film and trying to figure how who was supposed to block each defender. Some rankings say the offensive line is the 13th best, and some say 26th at run blocking and 21st in pass protection. If I had to pick on one player, it would be RT Bryan Bulaga, who actually looks more comfortable on the left side. He was awful against the Lions, but in general he's been getting better after struggling in his first couple of starts.

In other differing rankings: Pro Football Focus graded QB Aaron Rodgers ahead of QB Matt Flynn while Football Outsiders had Flynn over Rodgers. The interception shouldn't count against Rodgers and his stats would have clearly been better if WR Greg Jennings had hung onto that long reception instead. That doesn't count on the stat sheet, but it does when deciding who played better.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the Mike Sherman era (who isn't?) then you'll love to read that FB William Henderson and RG Marco Rivera will be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. Seriously, they were great players until injuries got the best of them. I've never heard of Frank Jonet, but as a history buff (hence the Acme Packing Company site name) it's cool that they nominated someone who worked for the Indian Packing Company and the Packers in 1919.