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Is It Time To Bench Donald Driver?

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Is it time for the Green Bay Packers to bench veteran WR Donald Driver? I had thought about this topic a couple days ago when I read the Quick Reads at Football Outsiders, which noted that Driver was the worst receiver of week 14. But now I see JSOnline has beaten me to the punch.

Here are his game stats since he returned from his quad injury:

Receptions Targets Yards Touchdowns
Vikings 4 7 31 0
Falcons 2 3 26 0
49ers 4 8 73 1
Lions 2 9 12 0

With the exception of his long touchdown reception against the 49ers, he's either made no impact or had a negative one. All those negative pass attempts thrown his way could be sent to someone like WR Jordy Nelson or WR James Jones, who have been outplaying Driver for the past few games. Does anyone want to stand up for Driver, or should we agree he's nothing more than a 4th or 5th receiver at this point?