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Packers Sign Two, Promote Two

Since two season ending injuries opened up two spots on the Green Bay Packers 53-man roster, it was announced that they've signed LB Robert Francois and CB Josh Gordy from the practice squad. So far this season, Francois has been released, signed to the practice squad, and signed to the active roster more times than I can remember. This is the first time Gordy's been on the active roster, but I predicted back in September that he could make it. S Anthony Smith and S Atari Bigby are injured, which opened up an opportunity for Gordy. But it remains unlikely that either Francois or Gordy will be active on Sunday. As to the two new faces signed to the practice squad:

WR Terrance Smith. He was stolen away from the AFL and he's actually a two-way player who played both receiver and defensive back in college. He recorded 40 receptions as a senior in 2009, and zero in 2008 when he appeared to be playing defense full-time. The Packers have listed him only as a wide receiver. They apparently saw something in him, but he's just another body in practice at the moment.

LB Curtis Young. He was the starting linebacker for the University of Cincinnati in 2009, until a torn MCL and surgery knocked him out for most of the season. I'm not sure if the bad knee held him back prior to the draft or not, but he went undrafted. Recently, he played one game in the UFL. Maybe he'll stick around long enough to get some playing time next year because I don't see him playing at all this season. Just like Smith, he appears to be just someone else who can take some reps with the scout team in practice.