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Packer Notes: Injuries and Playoff Chances

In his post-game press conference, Mike McCarthy gets it. He addressed a number of problems head-on, he isn't hiding behind anything, they went to New England to win, and he's really proud of his guys. If you saw something going wrong Sunday night, he saw it too, and he'll make sure the coaches and players do a better job. 

He also addressed some injuries. The big one was the rib injury that knocked S Nick Collins out of the game, but he said the x-rays were negative. It's still possible that he'll miss next week against the Giants. TE Tom Crabtree (knee) and LB Diyral Briggs (ankle) were also injured, and those don't seem too serious.

He also said that there won't be anything known about QB Aaron Rodgers's concussion until Wednesday. It didn't look like Rodgers was comfortable even standing out there on the sidelines, much less playing in a game. Right now, it's optimistic to expect him back next week. His concussion could keep him out 2 to 4 weeks, which might keep him out for the rest of the regular season.

Speaking of the playoffs... Thanks to losses by the Buccaneers and the Giants, the Packers control their own destiny. The NFC North title is out of reach if the Bears win Monday night's "trainwreck" game in the snow, but at this point it's best to get into the playoffs by any means necessary.