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Monday Night Open Thread: Bears at Vikings

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I'm not exactly sure how bad the field conditions at TCF Bank Stadium will be, but they won't be good. My guess is that it'll be a low scoring game because the Vikings will try and keep the ball out of QB Joe Webb's hands, and QB Jay Cutler and the Bears offensive line were both lousy last week in the snow (if it's another snow game). A low score would probably give the Vikings a better chance of pulling the upset.

Read more about the Vikings at Daily Norseman, and about the Bears at Windy City Gridiron.

UPDATE: Well I was right about them wanting to keep the ball out of Joe Webb's hands, Brett Favre is starting. I thought his upgrade earlier today from OUT to QUESTIONABLE was just wishful thinking, but when I turned on ESPN I see it's no joke. However no RB Adrian Peterson tonight.