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Pro Bowl Fan Voting - Clifton, Sitton, Matthews, Woodson Among Leaders

From SB  "The Packers lead all teams with four players atop their respective position in the fan vote." Follow the link for the complete list. Those four Packers are LT Chad Clifton, LG Josh Sitton, LB Clay Matthews, and CB Charles Woodson

This is the fan vote, which is now closed and counts for one-third of the selection process. Since Matthews and Woodson made it last year, I expect they'll be officially announced on December 28th. Sitton is a worthy selection, but he might not have enough of a reputation around the league to make it yet. Clifton might seem like an unlikely choice, but this isn't a golden age of left tackles in the NFC and he's a well known veteran.

I'm bringing up their name recognition because that matters when the coaches and players are filling out their ballots, especially on the offensive line where stats aren't accumulated. Those guys don't watch every game either. Such recognition can make the next round of contract negotiations a pain, but it's good these guys are getting it.