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Packers Notes: Matthews Is Better, More Injured Linebackers, and Snow

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LB Clay Matthews has almost been a non-factor the past few weeks for the Green Bay Packers because he's playing through a shin injury. According to, he was able to practice in pads on Thursday for the first time since October 27th. He could give the defense a major boost if he could return to his old form over the last two games.

Outside LB Frank Zombo was out last week, and he's likely out again this week. He was replaced by recently signed free agent LB Erik Walden, but now Walden is on the injury report with an injured quadricep. Mike McCarthy was asked about it during his Thursday press conference, and said that he has "no concerns" as the Packers are getting pretty good at practicing and game planning around injuries.

McCarthy also said that the team is practicing outside on Ray Nitschke Field, which was re-opened in August 2009 with the same grass and turf heating system they have inside Lambeau Field. That should help the players get used to playing outside. Especially since it could be a cold and snowy game.