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Christmas Open Thread: Cowboys at Cardinals

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How does the NFL Network do it? In their last three televised games, they've managed to show two of the best teams in the AFC (Chargers and Steelers), while finding four of the worst the NFC has to offer (49ers, Panthers, Cowboys, and Cardinals). At least the Cardinals are only the 2nd worst team in the NFC, while the Panthers last Thursday night showed why they are the front runner for the No. 1 pick next April. The only suspense is whether the Cowboys pass defense is so bad that they can even make rookie QB John Skelton look good.

It's a little disrespectful that the Cowboys are only favored by 7. Since the Packers got Wade Phillips fired, the Cowboys have won 4 of their last 6. In those two losses, against the Eagles and Saints (two almost certain playoff teams), they lost by only 3 points with an identical 30-27 final in each game. Meanwhile the Cardinals are coming off a loss to the Panthers. They had won their previous game against the Broncos, but that ended a 7 game losing streak against a slate of generally lousy teams. 

In some news involving the Packers, the NFL handed out 16 fines, including two on the Patriots last week. One to CB Devin McCourty for his hit on TE Andrew Quarless, and another on NT Vince Wilfork for his facemask on RB Brandon Jackson. I'm just glad neither player was hurt.