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Sunday Morning Open Thread; Mini-Preview of Giants at Packers

Since the Green Bay Packers have to win their next two games to make the playoffs, there isn't anything of importance to watch this morning. Maybe the Bears will be unmotivated next week if they beat the Jets and lock up the No. 2 seed and a bye this week (if that's even possible).

I skipped my normal in-depth preview that I post on Friday due to Christmas Eve. According to Football Outsiders, both offenses are highly ranked (Packers No. 10, Giants No. 8). Also, FO says their defenses are too (Packers No. 5, Giants No. 2). While they still give the Packers a lousy ranking on special teams (No. 29), the Giants are even worse (No. 31). The key will be to win the field position battle (something they can actually do against a poor Giants special teams unit) and force turnovers (which is something they haven't done much of late). They haven't given me a lot of optimism over the past four games. Packers 24, Giants 20