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Packer Notes: Snowed In Giants, Rodgers Bye Week, Injuries, and Scott Wells

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"Depressing" was the word to describe what happened to the Giants travel plans after they got thumped by the Packers. Due to the snow storm in New York, the Giants were forced to spend the night in Appleton. Apparently it's a "disaster situation" that's going to "press their professionalism." Please.

The week off for QB Aaron Rodgers gave him a lot of energy. "My arm felt like it was live." He stayed away from all meetings and practices for a couple days as the Packers prepared for the Patriots, so it was truly like a bye week for him. 

Mike McCarthy reported injuries to FB Korey Hall and SS Atari Bigby (again). Both players have been dealing with a variety of injuries all season, and their latest could keep them out next week. It's disappointing that Bigby has gone from such a promising player in 2007 to such an injury prone player over the past three seasons.

McCarthy also gave high praise to C Scott Wells for leading the charge on offense, and for both the offensive and defensive lines for getting the job done. It's certainly been an inconsistent past few weeks for the Packers offensive lineman. They got beat badly by the Lions, and they've been much better against the Patriots and now the Giants.