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Packers Playoff Picture: Packers Beat Bears And They're In

If the Green Bay Packers beat the Bears next Sunday, they're in the playoffs. If they lose, then they need some help in the form of QB Rex Grossman defeating the Giants. I think we'd all feel better if the Packers just won.

The Packers vs. Bears has been flexed to the late Sunday afternoon game. Possibly the NFL didn't want the Packers to know their playoff fate going into the game (i.e. the Giants and Buccaneers had already lost). Now the Sunday night game will be the NFC West title game (NFL subdivision) as the Seahawks attempt to make the playoffs with a losing record. When will the BCS kick them out? The complete playoff standings from ESPN.

If (when) the Vikings lose on Tuesday night in Philadelphia, they face the prospect of drafting ahead of the Lions for the first time in years. And they're looking at their first last place finish in the NFC North since it was established in 2002. Every other NFC North team has finished in last place in at least one season.