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Packer Notes: Rodgers Was Great, Hall and Bigby Are Out, and The Bears Are Coming To Play

It's behind the ESPN Insider wall, but as I expected, QB Aaron Rodgers was given very high marks by Football Outsiders. His performance against the Giants was the high mark for any quarterback this season. We didn't see it last Sunday, but the Giants pass defense has been exceptional this season. Oh, and the Giants are still stuck in Appleton as they try to prepare for a must win game.

Neither player is critical to the team. But Mike McCarthy did officially announce FB Korey Hall and SS Atari Bigby are out next week. Both contribute on special teams, however they have a week to prepare for their absence. 

Lovie Smith said the plan is to play all their players on Sunday. The main point of the linked article is that the Bears are one of the healthiest teams, which is kind of depressing after watching how the Packers injury plagued season has unfolded. Maybe they'll feel different if the Vikings pull out a stunning upset over the Eagles on Tuesday night, but he didn't rest his starters after he had locked up home field advantage throughout the playoffs back in 2006 either. Both teams will be coming to play.