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Packer Injuries: Cullen Jenkins Likely Out Next Week

Mike McCarthy said that DE Cullen Jenkins would not be available for the Green Bay Packers next game against the Lions. Jenkins finally gets his hand cast off, and now he's out with a calf strain. He's had a tough season as he's been battling with something nearly all season long. If you recall the play, it was late in the game when Jenkins pulled up limping after he started rushing the quarterback.

They don't have anyone to replace the combination of seven sacks and run defense he provides. McCarthy said they'll likely go with some combination of DE Jarius Wynn (who "has actually done a very good job here in the last month" according to McCarthy) and DE C.J. Wilson. They each bring something different to the game. Wilson is more of a run stuffer, and usually plays on the strong side as a replacement for DE Ryan Pickett. Wynn usually plays on the weak side, and has more often been a backup to Jenkins.

FB Korey Hall and WR Brett Swain were also hurt against the 49ers, and it's not clear they'll be available next week. Neither player will be a big loss on offense, but they each play a role on special teams. They usually don't keep all three fullbacks active each week anyway, but it's bad timing for Swain as he was just starting to get some receptions in the five receiver set.