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NFL Playoff Picture: Packers Have To Keep Winning

As of today, you'll notice that the Green Bay Packers would miss the 2010 playoffs, courtesy of ESPN's playoff standings, which emphasizes that they've got to keep winning. And the last two games of the season, at Lambeau against the Giants and the Bears, are looming large. If the Packers win out, they win the NFC North.

I'm not really concerned about winning home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Most important is that they make the playoffs in any way, shape, or form. Second, securing a first week bye is like earning an extra win, and home field advantage is just gravy.

Any of the teams above the Packers could collapse down the stretch. For example, the Giants lost three of their last four games in 2009, which ended any chance they had to make the playoffs. But nothing like that is guaranteed to happen this year. The Buccaneers loss to the Falcons was a tough one, but the Packers have to keep a look out for them in the rear view window too.