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Packer Notes: Stanton Over Rodgers, Power Rankings, and Al Harris Is Hurt

Football Outsiders wasn't too impressed with QB Aaron Rodgers game against the 49ers, giving him the coveted No. 7 spot last week, right behind QB Drew Stanton. But the powers that be nominated him for FedEx Air player of the week. Go vote for him so he doesn't lose too badly to QB Tom Brady.

The 1929 blue jersey game has come and gone, but the Green Bay Packers are willing to sell off a piece of their freshly manufactured history. Game worn jerseys, helmets, and pants are available for sale at the Packers Pro Shop. Since I don't have $8,000 lying around to buy Aaron Rodgers's helmet, maybe I could just spend $800 on Josh Gordy's and pretend he wore it?

The Packers are at No. 4 in Football Outsiders rankings. But SB Nation has them ranked No. 7, and so does ESPN. And the experts are never wrong! Now if the Packers would only have a better win-loss record, so that they could actually get into the playoffs

The end of the line? National Football Post reported that CB Al Harris was placed on injured reverse by the Dolphins. However, it's not his surgically reconstructed knee that's knocked him out. Instead it was an injured hamstring.