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Who Powered Through: Missing Cullen Jenkins

For this series, I usually focus on a member of the Green Bay Packers who will play through an injury next week. Instead, I'm writing about a player who's certain to miss next Sunday: DE Cullen Jenkins. This will be the second game he's missed this season, and he could be back as soon as the following week for the Patriots. It's impressive that he's played through his injuries this year and only had to miss two games.

In week 1, he broke his hand against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was fitted for a cast, and came back later in the game. He didn't miss a game due to his broken hand, and he played through it as his cast got smaller and smaller each week.

Around the time he finally got his cast off, he suffered a calf injury that surprisingly knocked him out for the Vikings game. He came back the next week against the Jets, as he even sported a Mohawk haircut for his Mr. T Halloween costume. Unfortunately he suffered another calf injury (or did he re-injure it? Can they even tell?) on the 49ers final drive. Here's to hoping he once again bounces back quickly.