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Pro Bowl Wrap Up and Super Bowl Warm Up

I missed the first quarter of the Pro Bowl because I was out buying a piano. Once I shake off 25 years of rust, I'll be ready to break out the Billy Joel songbook. I apologize if anyone came looking for a Pro Bowl open thread, but I just didn't have the heart to put one up. It's just a NFL promotional event, and not a real game! That said, I agree with Tex and it was the best Pro Bowl I can remember watching in a long time. Maybe I just liked seeing QB Aaron Rodgers start and play so well.

I'm a big fan of free speech so it's really sad to see CBS ban a Super Bowl ad for the gay dating web site Though it's not a bad deal for the website: they don't have to pay for a Super Bowl ad, but generate a bunch of free publicity. Hopefully CBS changes it's mind during the week. But why did they have to pick a Packer and a Viking fan for the big make-out scene? 

I don't think there is anyway that DE Dwight Freeney can play on a torn ankle ligament. I have personal experience with the injury, and I walked with a significant limp for weeks afterwards. He shouldn't play, and I can't imagine he would be effective anyway. Obviously the Colts are better with him than without, but I don't think it's a fatal blow to their defense either.