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Love Them or Leave Them: 2010 Packer Free Agents

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It was time to start looking back for my list of 2010 free agents for the Green Bay Packers, and Rob Reischel at was helpful enough to post a new article about it, with one major caveat: 

If a new CBA is struck, safeties Nick Collins, Atari Bigby and Derrick Martin, offensive linemen Jason Spitz and Daryn Colledge, defensive end Johnny Jolly, cornerback Will Blackmon and fullback John Kuhn would all become UFAs.

I think the possibility of a new CBA being struck in the next month is zilch, but I'm not exactly a part of the negotiations either. If they were all unrestricted free agents, the toughest negotiations would be with Collins and Bigby. With the Packers still in control, those negotiations are much easier. 

Here is the complete list from Rob Reischel's article:

Unrestricted Free Agents Position Restricted Free Agents Postion
Ryan Pickett NT John Kuhn FB
Chad Clifton LT Daryn Colledge G
Mark Tauscher RT Jason Spitz C/G
Aaron Kampman LB Johnny Jolly DE
Ahman Green RB Will Blackmon CB
Atari Bigby S
Nick Collins S
Derrick Martin S


Of these players, which one should absolutely return in 2010, and which player just has to go.

I'll pick the obvious: Nick Collins has to return. I'm torn by which player I like least: Daryn Colledge or Derrick Martin?