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On The Packers Mock Draft, Veteran Free Agents, and FavreWatch

- Mocking the Draft has their latest and greatest Mock Draft 2.1 posted, and with the 23rd pick, the Green Bay Packers select OT Brian Bulaga - Iowa:

- Green Bay needs a lot of help at the tackle position and Bulaga can step right in and be a major upgrade. Aaron Rodgers is very pleased with this pick.

My first choice is help in the secondary, but Bulaga is a necessity if neither LT Chad Clifton or RT Mark Tauscher is resigned. There is still a long way to go in the draft evaluation and the NFL Combine is coming up soon.

- You won't find me going crazy over veteran free agents during the next few weeks. My general rule is that there's probably a good reason why they're no longer with their former team. Now it's the time of the year when other teams that have loaded up on veteran free agents start releasing their mistakes. First up is the Jaguars, who released two veterans they signed less than 12 months ago: WR Torry Holt and LT Tra Thomas. The opinion over at Big Cat Country is that Holt might be missed, but Thomas was a complete non-factor.

- Who spent money on a Brett Favre billboard? Hypothetically: would you even kick-in $5 to help pay for a billboard to try and convince your favorite player to stay or come back?