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Rumored Trade: Antonio Cromartie For A Running Back

Chris Mortenson is killing me. From

The Chargers are exploring possible trade scenarios that include dealing cornerback Antonio Cromartie to acquire a running back, according to league sources...

Several teams are looking for cornerback depth, including the Green Bay Packers, sources said.

You can read all about Cromartie's excellent coverage skills over at Bolts From The Blue, but another thing mentioned is that his tackling is miserable.

Via Greg Bedard's Twitter is a very funny site (with a lot of annoying flash video) picking on Cromartie's inability to tackle in their playoff loss against the Jets.

I'm a big fan of the switch to the 3-4 defense this season, but the scheme can be exploited on the edges. The cornerback has to provide run support and make open field tackles near the sidelines because there often isn't anyone else around to make the play. This wasn't a problem in 2009 because CB Charles Woodson, CB Al Harris, and CB Tramon Williams can tackle.

I don't know enough about Cromartie to give him a conclusive thumbs-down, but my first impression is that the defense can't afford any poor tacklers and especially not at cornerback.

Plus it would mean trading a running back, and RB Brandon Jackson would be the obvious target. While Jackson did not put up any huge stats in 2009, his contributions as an extra blocker in passing situations was one of the unheralded reasons for the drop in the sack totals as the season went on.