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Rumors: Peppers Done In Carolina? - Asomugha Done In Oakland?

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DE Julius Peppers wasn't supposed to return to the Panthers in 2009. Peppers wanted out of Carolina last January, but the Panthers insisted that he stay around by placing the franchise tag on him for $16.7 million. To place the franchise tag on him again in 2010, they would probably have to pay him around $20 million and it doesn't look like they are interested at that price. Could he become a Green Bay Packer?

With an uncapped year "virtually certain" in 2010, the Packers could certainly squeeze him under an unlimited salary cap. But they still do have a budget to keep, and Peppers won't come cheap. I don't think he can play either outside LB in the Packers' 3-4 scheme, or defensive end. So that makes him a situational pass rusher, which the Packers could certainly use. But that's a steep price for a potentially one-dimensional player, and GM Ted Thompson doesn't break the bank on free agents. I just can't see it happening, and it's not a good deal at that price anyway.

I can't even believe the Raiders are exploring a trade for All-World CB Nnamdi Asomugha. They just signed him to a monster 3 year, $45 million contract a year ago, and now they are going to trade him? That would sound crazy from most teams, but these are the Raiders. As good as he is, the remaining financial burden of his contract plus the multiple draft choices needed to acquire him would likely exceed the value he'd deliver on the field in 2010. Plus he'll have to be resigned again after 2011 for another $15 million per season, at least. That's very expensive and a major chunk of their budget and available talent in the future. Just because I have good credit and can have a $4,000 55 inch LED HDTV delivered to my house this week, doesn't mean I should do it.