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Packers Free Agent Needs: Special Teams

As was noted recently, the Green Bay Packers special teams were awful in 2009, and have been awful in most recent seasons. The exception was 2007, according to Football Outsiders, back when K Mason Crosby was better on kickoffs and CBs Will Blackmon and Tramon Williams were returning punts for TDs. 

They really could use a new punter. No embarrassing single punts stand out, but P Jeremy Kapinos's year end net average of 34.1 was the worst in the NFL for a 16 game punter. Unfortunately, the best free agent punter is likely ex-Packer P Jon Ryan, and his return to Green Bay under any circumstances seems unlikely. And P Craig Hentrich is finally retiring, so he's not returning to Green Bay either after spending the past 12 seasons with the Titans

But one interesting free agent might be Pro Bowl (as a special teams player) WR Kassim OsgoodFrom Arrowhead Pride:

Reason for Consideration: If we're going to sign any guy from this list, Osgood would be my choice. He made the Pro Bowl last year (and 2007 and 2008) as a special teamer. He's a great gunner on S/T and would immediately make the Chiefs much better in that area. However, on a team starved for receivers, Osgood can also make his name at that slot if given the chance, and on the loaded Chargers, that's just not going to happen.

He won't have any opportunities as a receiver with the Packers either, but he can certainly fill a role as a 5th WR. Though there's probably is a good reason teams don't spend big money on No. 5 receivers who are also good on special teams. Maybe a good gunner isn't even worth $1 million per season.

So what about the special teams? Is this something that can be fixed in free agency? Or is it something that (HELP US) the current special teams coaches have to fix with the players they already have?