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Mike McCarthy Is No Tim Tebow

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The paparazzi was not showing Mike McCarthy any love. From Bob Gretz (via Arrowhead Pride):

Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy had just taken his spot at the podium inside Lucas Oil Stadium, with approximately 30 or so media types waiting to hear him speak.

As he began speaking, over the public address system in the room came this announcement:

"Some guy named Tebow will be at podium C," announced the NFL type that was manning the microphone in the NFL Combine press room.

More than half of audience got up in the middle of McCarthy’s sentence and hustled to the other side of the room. McCarthy flashed a sly smile at the exodus; it was fine with him because that meant fewer questions to answer.

The entire article is a great read if your interested in Tim Tebow.

If your actually interested to read what Mike McCarthy had to say, here is Greg Bedard's transcript

There's some more by Greg Bedard from McCarthy here. As much as I like McCarthy as a coach, he doesn't give anything away to the press. Not that he is supposed to dish dirt to the media, but he usually says he likes all his players, his coaches, hope they all stay with the team, etc. Though I laughed when he tried to change the subject from LB Aaron Kampman by mentioning practice squad player Ronald Talley. That ain't going to work Mike.