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Packers Related NFL Combine Discussion

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I don't know if the Green Bay Packers have the budget room for the $12 to $13 million it would cost next season to resign both LT Chad Clifton and RT Mark Tauscher, but that price tag is not surprising. Both tackles can still start, Clifton even snuck into the Pro Bowl, and despite their age, they are arguably the best tackles available in a weak free agent class.

The good news is that the 2010 draft class is deep. Which would help the Packers find replacements, or may keep bidders away from Clifton and Tauscher because there are younger options available. There are four potential 1st round lineman mentioned in this post from Mocking The Draft, and that doesn't even include uber-prospects Russell Okung or Anthony Davis. Oklahoma's Trent Williams is another great one. 

According to the NFL combine schedule, there is a lot going on today with the offensive linemen. NFL Network is covering the combine, but SB Nation has writers on the ground too. Check out SB Nation.comArrowhead PrideBattle Red Blog, and Cincy Jungle for more.