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College Hoops, NFL Notes, and Packers Mock Draft

With football (almost) over, I've moved on to college hoops and hockey. The Badgers basketball team is nearly unbeatable in the Kohl Center. They dominated No. 5 Michigan State by a final score of 67-49. The Spartans are the 3rd Top 5 team to lose in Madison this season. Duke and Purdue lost there previously. Check out Bucky's 5th Quarter for more.

It had to happen: The Ochocinco News Network. Someone has to ask QB Peyton Manning the tough questions.

The Texans extend head coach Gary Kubiak's contract. Really? His teams always fall apart somewhere during the middle of the season, but then manage a meaningless late season winning streak to finish 8-8 or 9-7. They just missed the playoffs last season. He's far from a bad coach, but is he ever going to lead them into the playoffs? Their mix of good offense and questionable defense reminds me of the Packer teams that never could get over the 8-8 hump from 1981-1985.

Every Day Should Be Saturday officially joined SB Nation last week, and they did a great job spoofing the could-have-been Super Bowl ad at the expense of ESPN's Todd McShay. They also introduced to me to the unusual throwing motion of QB Tim Tebow which is officially named "the Frittata." Those are some smooth mechanics.

Speaking of draft prospects, Mocking The Draft penciled in Maryland OT Bruce Campbell in for the Packers at No. 23 overall. Should his nickname be Ash or should the Chin? I'd still prefer they draft a defensive back first, and then look at offensive tackles.