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Super Slice of Cheese

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That's right, there is little to no Packers news this week, as one would expect. Therefore, here are a variety of interesting links about the Saints and Colts.

On Sharper, the Saints and scheme - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Kevin Seifert examines Darren Sharper's second career resurrection. 

Lombardi family tree branching out in Super Bowl XLIV
The Saints' QB coach is hoping to win the trophy with his own name on it.

Injury can't stop Sorgi
Former Badger Jim Sorgi is taking his role on IR with the Colts seriously.

Skill players may lack star power, but make up for it with balance
Here's an interesting analysis of the role players surrounding Brees and Manning.

NFL, Louisiana attorney general settle 'Who Dat' misunderstanding
I'm very relieved to know that the NFL has reached a compromise on the sale of "Who Dat" t-shirts.

Payton keeps Saints jovial in dreary weather with bellhop stunt
Nice to see a coach who likes to have a little fun and isn't just a boring stick in the mud (like Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, Brad Childress, etc.) or a big fat windbag (looking at you, Rex Ryan).

Raheem Brock is confident he can carry the load
Everybody's making a big deal about Dwight Freeney's injury this week, but I've seen enough Colts games to know that Brock is an excellent pass rusher in his own right.

The Saints and Colts put New Orleans' first family in a bind
I don't really care about the article (though I do enjoy Rick Reilly's work for the most part)...I just find Cooper Manning sightings amusing.

Roger Goodell downplays labor problems
Naturally, after the odds of a lockout were estimated at "14" out of 10 by an NFLPA rep, the commish rushes to settle everyone down. Good luck, Roger.

ESPN "Experts" Super Bowl Picks
In case you care, here you go.

Super Bowl Watching 101
Finally, I'll leave you with this. Norman Chad is only occasionally funny, but this is the most amusing thing I've seen him write in a while.