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The APC Super Bowl Pre-Game Show


Admittedly the Acme Packing Company's Super Bowl pre-game show, such as this is, is starting much later than the networks, and without nearly as much talk-talk-talk..., but I prefer to keep it leaner.

The fans that write for the Colts and Saints sites at SB Nation have obtained press credentials and been in Florida for most of the week. Big Blue Shoe at Stampede Blue used the opportunity to interview a number of coaches and players. Dave over at Canal Street Chronicles has been all over the place too. Joel has been in Miami covering the game for SB Nation.

The only major story all week has been the health of DE Dwight Freeney. The most recent reports say he's walking without a limp and will be playing tonight. Freeney is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and he won't be at 100% under any circumstances, but it's not a game changer whether he plays or not. The Colts have to pressure QB Drew Brees, but they should be able to create a good rush with DE Raheem Brock and DE Robert Mathis.

Stampede Blue has been all over the statistical analysis herehere, and here. I love statistical analysis, it's the first thing I reference before nearly every game, except in the Super Bowl. I would point out an obvious mismatch, but it doesn't seem like there is one in this game. A good running team could exploit the Saints poor run defense, but the Colts aren't a strong running team. Also, these teams have each only played two meaningful games in the past two months, so even recent trend analysis doesn't help a lot. Overall they are two passing teams that should be throwing a lot of passes, which has the makings of a great game.