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Rumors: Antonio Cromartie To the Lions; Rolle Out Of Arizona

We discussed the rumors surrounding Pro Bowl CB Antonio Cromartie to the Green Bay Packers a couple weeks ago. While he's great in coverage, his obvious inability to tackle is a liability for any team, but especially for a team running the 3-4 defense like the Packers. With 3 lineman and 2 linebackers typically bunched inside the tackles, a quick play to the outside could turn into a big gain if the cornerback can't tackle.

However, he'd be a great fit for the Lions, as the current rumor goes. It's also speculated that Cromartie might be available for as little as a 5th round pick, though I doubt it. This is a deep draft, so the Lions can't afford to surrender a high pick, but the Lions have absolutely nothing at cornerback. Despite Cromartie's limitations, I can't think of another team who needs more help at cornerback than the Lions. While part of me likes it that the Lions might be committing themselves to a player with limited value, the fact that he's such an upgrade over their current depth chart would be another step towards respectability for them. 

In an odd move, the Cardinals might release FS Antrel Rolle due to his $4 million roster bonus due March 5th, but then hope to resign him. Due to a lack of options, he would become one of the better free agents available. He might be a player to consider, but I was so unimpressed with him in coverage during the two games he played against the Packers that I have no interest in him at any price.