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Flashback to the April 2007 Draft: Defensive Line Busts

Everyone reading this post is probably quite aware that the Green Bay Packers wasted their 2007 1st round draft choice on DE Justin Harrell. You might have even forgotten he was still on the roster as one beat writer did recently. The news that the Rams are looking to trade fellow 2007 1st round DL bust Adam Carriker made me realize how bad a year that was to draft a defensive lineman in the 1st round. Here's the complete train wreck:

No. 4 overall, DE Gaines Adams. He underachieved in Tampa, was shipped off to the Bears for a 2nd round pick last season, and tragically passed away last January

No. 8 overall, DE Jamaal Anderson. 2.5 career sacks in 3 seasons was not what the Falcons were expecting from a Top 10 pick. It looks like the Falcons plan on using him as an undersized DT against the run in 2010. 

No. 10 overall, DT Amobi Okoye. "Here is your enigma," according to Battle Red Blog. A defensive tackle who's bad against the run, and sometimes shows flashes as a pass rusher. It must be maddening to watch him. 

No. 11 overall, LB Patrick Willis. Adams, Anderson, and Okoye over Willis...

No. 13 overall, DT Adam Carriker. He might be in the rotation for the Rams in 2010, if he's healthy, or he might be shipped off to Washington for a bag of peanuts. 

No. 14 overall, CB Darrelle Revis. At least he was gone by the time the Packers picked.

No. 16 overall, DE Justin "Bustin" Harrell. Keep moving, nothing to see here...

No. 17 overall, DE Jarvis Moss. He's now playing LB for the Broncos, he's only recorded 3.5 sacks in his first 3 seasons, and he contemplated retirement last season. And the Broncos traded up to get him.

No. 18 overall, CB Leon Hall. The Packers didn't have the chance to pass on Revis, but they did manage to pass on another elite cornerback. 

No. XX overall. I'm sure the Packers missed out on many other players they could use now.

I've got no bigger point to this post other than I was struck by how bad a draft it was for defensive lineman. I haven't kept up with all the 2007 draftees, but I didn't see an obviously good defensive lineman drafted until Seattle's DT Brandon Mebane at No. 85 overall, and he's only good if put into the right situation. There are many exceptions, but the 2007 draft class sure looks like a poor one overall.